Sunday, August 7, 2011


We can help your business by offering:
    * Competitive Pricing of Solar Thermal Collectors and Components
    * High Performance Equipment in line with M.C.S. requirements
    * Excellent Service and Technical Support
    * Large Stock with Next Day Delivery
    * Evacuated Tube Heat Pipe Collectors tested to EN12975 and Solar Keymarked
    * Flat-Plate Collectors tested to EN12975 and Solar Keymarked

We understand that in order for solar energy project to gain more credibility and usage in the UK marketplace it needs to be affordable to the end user. This means that the equipment supply costs needs to be low and the cost of ownership needs to be negligible.

With this in mind we offer a very competitive trade pricing and volume discount structure so that you can keep the installation costs down to an affordable level and remain competitive in a fast growing marketplace. Call to discuss our trade pricing.

Contact us:
Tel: 01590 671997


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