Monday, August 15, 2011


It started when I discovered that I had a whole room in my home dedicated to water heating and laundry…and that I was paying a hefty monthly electricity bill (there is no gas in my neighborhood) for water and space heating. This is really amazing especially considering that I live in a sunny and warm city like San Diego.

At that point I started looking around for solar hot water heater and solar modules, just like the one my parents have been using for their hot water and their space heating integrated with their wood-gas oven. If it has worked well for over 10 years back in Europe where the sun is not so abundant, here in San Diego it must work perfectly. After my web-research I discovered that the newest kind of Thermal Tube water heaters had not been legalized in the US yet. So I went down to Baja California Mexico to find what I was looking for, and found it in a warehouse in Mainland Mexico.

I bought one, installed it, loved it. Then the idea to get flat plate solar collector, legalized and to sell them in the USA was born.

So here we are 3 years later! We now professionally sell and install much more efficient, SRCC ( certified systems for a fraction of the older solar hose / solar pool heater systems prices.

We now also have a solar flat panel specialist in our team that takes care of our photovoltaic systems installations. For our installations we trust some of our in-house installers and a selection of the best lizensed installers near or installation or local offices of ours.

In Cabo San Lucas we are relying on FESTER a well known roofing brand in the southern Baja Region.

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