Thursday, August 4, 2011


The high quality and international recognition of Helioakmi S.A. solar water heaters have brought us in a position among top solar water heater manufacturers. Indeed at Helioakmi we have been world leaders in solar water heaters 35 years before others discovered the power of the sun.

35 years of manufacturing solar panels and solar heaters means 35 years of innovating in the field and introducing new technologies.
Almost four decades of continuous development, combined with vast experience and extensive research have established MEGASUN products as leaders in most world markets.

Thousands of MEGASUN Solar Water Heaters by Helioakmi S.A. are successfully used in most countries of the world - from Athens to the U.S.A. and from Africa to Australia, to all of Asia and the Far East and Europe - provide continuous and abundant hot water.

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Tel: +30 210 559-5624
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Fax:  +30 210 5595723

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