Monday, August 1, 2011


Rodney Erdman founded Erdman Automation Corp. in November of 1993. The original site of operations was a 36 by 48 ft. unheated pole building on the Erdman farm 5 miles NE of Princeton, Minnesota. Since 1993, Erdman Automation Corp. has averaged one facility expansion every 18 months. With the current addition to Erdman's Main plant, Erdman has now reached a total of 114,000 sq. ft.

While employed at other companies, Rodney Erdman created a name for himself and several of his co-workers as designer and builders of quality special machines and complete turn key systems/lines. Their diverse backgrounds included designing and building equipment to process, manufacture or assemble a wide variety of products. The equipment designed and built by the Erdman group included everything from but not limited to the following; toys, telecommunication electronics, hearing aids, pharmaceuticals, computer components, laser and tig / mig welding machines, knifes, packaging, windows, doors, etc.

An industry leader, erdman has always been on the edge of technology with an emphasis on simplicity, durability and confidentially, plus:  As stated by Rodney, “We listen to what our customers say.  We design and build the machinery the way our customers want it.  We pay attention to detail.  We don’t compromise on quality.  And we do all of this at a reasonable price.”

In addition to continuing to serve our present customers at the level of excellence they have become accustomed to, we have been expanding our facitily and capabilities to help meet the ever increasing demands from all over the world for Erdman® products and services.

Contact us:
Address:Erdman Automation Corporation
1603 South 14th Street
Princeton, MN 55371
Phone: 763-389-9475

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