Monday, August 1, 2011


We are premier suppliers of garden lighting, solar lighting tower and solar garden water features. All our products have been sourced from top suppliers and provide beautiful lighting and calming water features that are technologically advanced and environmentally friendly.

The solar products we sell are free to run being powered from renewable natural light. In this way they do not use mains electricity. Mains electricity in the UK is still largely provided from carbon emitting power sources. So using purple golden vacuum tube rather than mains powered devices reduces carbon emissions which contribute to global warming. OK we’re not going to single handed stop global warming but at least these products make a positive contribution.

We only sell brand new, high quality products which we think will provide pleasure to our customers through enhancing the space they are placed in and through their excellent performance. They should also provide satisfaction as again they are free to run and so recover their purchase cost through not having to pay for electricity.

We’ve tried to make the product pictures and description as accurate and factual as possible. All products offered on our website can be purchased directly from the site using our secure Credit Card or PayPal checkout. On order, products will be dispatched directly to customers.

Contact us:
Royal Mail: Garden Lighting Outlet
12 Avondale Road
Exmouth Devon
Telephone:0844 736 5343

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