Thursday, August 11, 2011


GreenRay, Inc. is an experienced team of solar hose, who have created a true solar appliance for residential homes.  Our long history in the industry designing and installing PV systems and products has given us a firsthand appreciation of the challenges of solar modules.  While today’s PV systems use discrete components and require specialized expertise to design and install, our plug-and-play AC system is fully integrated.  GreenRay’s Ultimate All-in-One Solar Solution is a fully integrated Plug and Play PV system that incorporates the separate components of today’s systems (PV Module, Microinverter, Mounting, Monitoring) into a single package for your home solar energy project.The modular SunSine® AC flat plate solar collector plug together and drop into a specially-designed roof mount.  By reducing design and installation time, we make solar more accessible and simpler to install.  Our patent-pending technology sets the new standard for residential solar electric systems.

GreenRay is a privately held corporation located in Westford, MA that was founded in 2006 by a group of solar industry veterans. The four founders have collectively over 60 years in PV system research, design and development activities. In the 1990s at Ascension Technology, company founders created world's first fully-integrated AC Module. The new plug-and-play SunSine® AC Module builds on that shared experience and advancements in technology. GreenRay has strong financial backing from Quercus Trust and 21 Ventures and has successfully raised funds from institutions and government agencies including the DOE, Massachusetts Division of Energy Resources, and Massachusetts Clean Energy Center.

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Add:2 Park Drive, Suite 1
Westford, MA 01886
Phone: 978-631-0509

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