Tuesday, August 2, 2011


GreenSpec was founded in 2003 as a government-funded joint project with BRE to identify and catalogue building products containing recycled material. On completion of the project in 2005, the steering committee recommended the growing of the site to include all easily identifiable green building products and materials. Today GreenSpec is widely regarded as the standard source of reference in respect of sustainable construction and products – attracting an average of 1400 visits per day.

It feels like that with every passing day another building product appears on the market branded with the prefix 'eco'. So powerful is the pull for manufacturers to be seen to be 'green', that marketing departments now have little option but to dress products to be fit for the 'green' bandwagon or miss-out on business from an increasingly demanding audience of building product specifiers.

With few useful standards, there are equally few ways of determining the validity of a manufacturer's claim that a product is 'green' or deserves the prefix 'eco'. Within this free-for-all of manufacturers fighting to claim a portion of the green market, the specifier finds it particularly difficult to sort the green from the non-green. Without third-party guidance provided by standards, it falls to the building designer alone to check and be satisfied with the manufacturer's claims: Caveat emptor!

GreenSpec looks to remove the burden of checking claims from the specifiers' shoulders - by doing it for them. At GreenSpec, we have brought together a wide range of expertise in green building and specifying. Each product listed on GreenSpec has been closely examined by a selection panel that recommends that the product should or should-not be included. A specifier can turn to GreenSpec and confidently specify a product or material in the knowledge that the product has undergone a rigorous selection procedure.

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