Friday, August 5, 2011


SolCool is a global wholesale distributor of the most comprehensive line of energy use reduction hardware  manufactured under its Securus brand. All SolCool hardware contributes to carbon neutral strategies in equipment cooling, off-grid, residential, industrial and commercial applications. Hardware available for Dealer status includes; ¼ to 1.5 ton direct current, "solar" air conditioning, direct current ceiling fan/LED light kits, refrigeration to hot water heat exchange retrofit kits and direct current, energy management battery systems. Wholesale Dealers that partner with SolCool sign exclusive, performance based agreements that support branding and training, hardware certification and duty deferment, spares and warranty fulfillment. Administrative and logistics facilities are located in Southern California

Contact us:
Add:1881 E Commercenter Suite 216
San Bernardino, CA, 92408

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