Monday, August 1, 2011


Solar Automation Inc. was established in 1999 when photovoltaics began to arise from a 15 year respite. It was clear to the founders that rapid growth in solar electricity would need a new generation of equipment for manufacturing. We set about the task of streamlining the machines for soldering solar work station into circuits because complexity would inhibit growth in capacity. Complexity would also keep the cost of modules higher than necessary.

 Solar Automation is dedicated to making it possible for small enterprise to compete with imports and to make local manufacturing profitable through continuous innovation, common sense and the application of the best available technology.
Patrick Gallagher, president of Solar Automation, Inc., has been developing specialized equipment for industry since the early 70's. A graduate of the University of Michigan in 1973 in Mechanical Engineering, Mr. Gallagher began his career at Ford Motor Co. as a product design engineer.

Contact us:
Address:Solar Automation Inc.
2520 Jefferson NE Suite E
Albuquerque NM 87110 USA
(505) 830-3100 Voice
(505) 830-3101 Fax

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