Sunday, August 14, 2011


SolarEn, LLC is a private manufacturing, project development, and consulting company focusing on clean energy.  SolarEn's staff has over 35 years of experience in solar modules and solar hose, and projects development and implementation. The personnel of the company has been trained for Project Management, Wind Energy Development, and Energy Management.

The company’s specialists has been associated with deployment of solar PV systems (over 20kW of total capacity, including first in CIS countries grid connected 10kW BIPV plant), solar thermal (about 600 sq.m.), and bio-gas projects (25 c.m. and 52 c.m. digester, and 25 c.m digester integrated with flat plate solar collector) in Armenia. SolarEn, LLC has significant experience in wind resource evaluation, including wind monitoring, wind mast installation, data collection and processing. Since 2000 SolarEn was engaged in a number of wind monitoring activities (over 30 monitoring stations) in almost all regions of Armenia. The company has been contracted for international, inter-governmental and commercial wind monitoring projects. Besides wind monitoring activities, SolarEn was also associated with a number of wind and project solar energy potential evaluation consulting services as well as pre-feasibility studies.

Today, SolarEn is the only company in Armenia that develops activities in a broad range of renewable energy area. The company has built a good international partnership network with InterSolarCenter (Russia), Fraunhofer Solar Institute (Germany), INETI (Portugal), AWEA (USA), NREL (USA), and has experience of participation in internationally funded projects.

The company is also the representative organization of International Organization for the Promotion of Energy Technologies Committee (OPET-CIS). It is a member of the Armenia Energy Efficiency Council, the Armenia Forest Coalition, and the American Chamber of Commerce in Armenia. SolarEn has developed close partnership relations with non-governmental, governmental and private sector organizations in Armenia.

SolarEn is actively engaged in renewable energy policy analysis, and development of legislative and regulatory framework for renewable energy resources in Armenia (for example Energy Saving and Reneawble Energy Law). The company provides consultancy to government, non-government organizations and private companies.

Contact us:
2/2 Shrjanayin Street
Yerevan 0068
Republic of Armenia
Tel. (374 10) 777 113, 774 607
Fax (374 10) 777 182

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