Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Founded in 1990, SOL is the largest and most established firm dedicated to the design and manufacturing of commercial-grade solar outdoor LED lighting solutions. Based in Palm City Florida, SOL has a distributor network in over 61 countries.

SOL's commitment to project solar energy for over 20 years is built on innovative products, quality systems, and the strongest support and design team in solar lighting. With over 41,000 installations worldwide and an extremely high returning customer rate, SOL is a proven and trusted leader.

By committing to a total system approach, SOL makes solar lighting reliable, economic, easy to install, and fast to deploy. With a US Based Manufacturing Facility and a solid presence on over 200 US Federal sites, SOL systems are tested, proven, and ready for your applications including: parking lots, pathways, parks, trails, roadways, boat launches, campus areas, perimeter security, signs, billboards, transit, shelters, and other remote applications.

Contact us:
Address:3210 S.W. 42nd Avenue
Palm City, FL 34990 (USA)
Tel: +1 (772) 286.9461
Fax: +1 (772) 286.9616
Toll Free: 800.959.1329


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