Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Wholesale Solar owner Mark Coleman started out in the solar business as Taos Green Solar in Taos, New Mexico, in 1992. The company grew from a home-based, side business of his "green" home construction business.

The Colemans had the good fortune to raise their two daughters in an off-grid community in the highlands of northern New Mexico. We and our friends enjoyed (still do) knowing where our electricity and water comes from and how to make it support our home office needs as well as gardens, horses, and us!

All things change. Daughters are grown. The business outgrew the home office and we had the opportunity to move to our favorite spot in the whole world, Mt. Shasta, California. We've been fortunate to add and train a talented, friendly crew of sales and support employees.

The Colemans are getting to know the joys of grid-intertie in the only county in California that doesn't give rebates for solar! All customers who contact Wholesale Solar are given personal service. We feel equipment needs to be handpicked by people who are familiar with the products. We provide you drawings and before- and after-the-sale technical advice to assist you with your goal of energy independence. We encourage you to learn as much as you can about alternative energy, conservation and re-cycling from as many sources as possible.

Contact us:
Toll Free: 800 / 472-1142
Local : 530 / 926-2900
Fax:: 530 / 926-1162
Mailing Address: 
P. O. Box 124,
Mt. Shasta, CA 96067

Physical location: 
412 N. Mt. Shasta Blvd.,
Mt. Shasta, CA 96067

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