Monday, August 15, 2011


AltE®  was founded in 1999 by three impassioned engineers focused on bringing renewable energy to the web and to the DIY enthusiast by reducing the costs of green energy systems and revealing the truths of how home based solar modules and wind energy systems can be designed and installed.  They set out to build an online community and support that community with extensive, free educational materials, competitive pricing, knowledgeable staff and unbounded enthusiasm.

Today, we at AltE are achieving that vision.  We provide our customers with a select choice of renewable energy brands and products that we would use (and in many cases do) on our homes, flat plate solar collector and wind energy systems, as well as quality renewable energy training.

* Garage Sale
* Books, Classes & Educational Videos
* Cables & Wiring
* Charge Controllers
* DC to DC Voltage Converters
* Deep Cycle Batteries
* Enclosures, Electrical & Safety
* Foldable / Flexible Solar Panels
* Inverter Power Panels
* Inverters
* Lighting & Fans
* Meters, Communications & Site Analysis
* Packaged Systems
* Portable Power Systems
* Refrigerators & Freezers
* Solar Air Heaters
* Solar Panel Mounts & Trackers
* Solar Panels
* Hot Water Heater Solar
* Solar Water Pumps
* Wind Turbines

Contact us:
43 Broad Street, Suite A408
Hudson, MA 01749-2556
Toll Free: 1(877) 878-4060
Outside US: +1(978) 562-5858
Fax: +1(978) 562-5854

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