Monday, August 15, 2011


Alan Collier Edwards and the inspiration for the first Edwards hot water system both originated from the farmlands of the South West of Western Australia. The post war era saw Alan Edwards working the fields of a small farm holding and returning each evening to a humble farm cottage deprived of all conveniences.

After the evening meal he would light his cigarette from the top of the glass chimney of the aladdin table lamp used to light the room as electricity was not available. One evening while lighting his cigarette he casually passed the comment to his wife that he was surprised by the amount of heat which came from the simple kerosene lamp.

From this observation he decided to build a hot water system using the aladdin lamp as the source of heat. Taking a discarded 44 gallon drum he cut a hole in the top and bottom lid to allow an old piece of galvanised iron pipe to be fitted and act as a central flue.

There’s been a lot of advances in solar hose technology since Edwards commenced manufacturing water heaters in Australia in 1963. Today, an international organisation, Edwards has progressed to be a leader in producing hot water systems for both domestic and commercial purposes using solar technology to meet any client requirements.

Generally, where there’s sunshine you’ll find an Edwards stainless steel hot water heater solar system hard at work – in Asia, the Pacific, in the Americas, Europe, Africa and the Middle East – gaining a world wide reputation for excellent value for money and the latest in engineering design. With the financial, engineering and technical resources of Edwards and a commitment to quality, innovation, after sales service and extensive warranty, Edwards has become a major force in solar hot water around the world.

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