Thursday, August 4, 2011


SOLTECH International Co.,LTD is the leading manufacturer of solar vacuum tube and has cooperated factories of other accessories in China.We are focusing on solar thermal products, including solar hot water heater, solar thermal collector, solar receiver.etc.

With 35 automatic production lines for vacuum sputtering plating and 72000tons of High Borosilicate Glass 3.3 annum, Beida HuaFeng has the capacity to ship more than 120 00 000tubes annual. Currently we produce co-axial structural evacuated tubes with outer diameter 47mm,58mm and 70mm, and tube length ranges are available at 120mm,150mm,160mm,170mm,1800mm,2000mm and 210mm.Advanced absorption coating AL-ALN and CU/SS-ALN are adopted for excellent heat collecting. We have exported to EU, US, India, Turkey, Mexico and many more...

Our project solar energy is used for parabolic receiver solar trough collector which can be used for many applications.

Our products have been exported worldwide. We are looking for more and more partners and distributors worldwide.

Contact us:
Tel: 86-573-86565363
Fax: 86-573-86567020
Add: Yanshan Road,Ganpu Industrial Zone,


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