Thursday, August 4, 2011


Thermomax Industries was established in 1989, when Patrick Spearing began importing the Thermomax brand of solar vacuum tubes into North America. Thermomax was the Solar Thermal market leader in Europe and Patrick's goal was to open the North American market for customers looking for a solar hot water heater. As Thermomax UK was the originator of heat pipe method and therefore able to easily heat water in northern climates, they were the obvious choice.
Thermomax are committed to providing efficient and cost effective solutions to today's environmental concerns.
Solar energy in the North America is far greater than most people imagine. In the summer, when items such as car bodies are often too hot to touch, we become aware of the sun's heat. However, on winter days we still receive a lot of useful project solar energy. By tilting a surface to an angle the amount of solar radiation falling on it will be greater than that falling on a flat surface. Fortunately, the average tilt of a house roof is about the optimum for receiving solar energy.

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